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One day soon, we might talk to our devices the way we talk to our friends. And the devices will talk back. This fundamentally changes our relationship with technology and opens up for some very important questions.

SPACE10, IKEA’s research and design lab, are curious to learn how the many people feel about Artificial Intelligence. That is why we have launched a worldwide survey called Do You Speak Human? — encouraging people to share how they would like their future AI to be.

The project is what we label as ‘playful research’ and the idea is to listen to people, open up the design process and take people’s wishes, concerns and aspirations into account before even deciding how this topic should be explored further. The results of the study will continuously be updated on this site.

About SPACE10

SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to enable better and more sustainable ways of living.

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, we explore possible future scenarios, respond to global challenges and design for people’s dreams and aspirations. We do that together with a collaborative network of experts, specialists, designers and other forward-thinking partners.

Together we explore, prototype and design new opportunities for a better, more meaningful and sustainable daily life.

About SPACE10 x IKEA

SPACE10 is proudly supported by Inter IKEA Systems B.V., and SPACE10 serves as an external research and design lab for IKEA. We believe that together we can create a better everyday life for the many people. Learn more about SPACE10.


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